Initial charm necklaces

i'm sure many of you have been directed here from my dear cousin/friend shawni. the above picture is of her precious lucy and shows the necklace i made for her.

i'm so happy to tell people that i have been able to find a new supplier for the charms. the necklaces are 100% sterling silver and come with a little charm. i usually do a crystal that is clear, pink, purple, blue, or green, but i am happy to use a freshwater pearl. if you have a special request i would love to try to find whatever you'd like.

right now i am able to make most of the necklaces for $25, but if a chain longer that 12"-13" is desired then the price will be a bit higher. unfortunately the price of silver has dramatically increased in the last year or so and i would be losing money on these if i didn't calculate them pretty closely.