Saturday, August 28, 2010

the end

i guess summer really is over. that means i'm supposed to be coming back to the jewelry blog right? well, things have changed. this summer was good in so many ways, and i think one of them was that i wansn't so busy with jewelry stuff. i love it, and it will still be my hobby...but it needs to just be my hobby - not a business. i'm so sorry if some of you were waiting on getting things until i came back, but guess what? there are a ton of people out there that do what i do. bonus is that they are probably a lot better than i am and have a lot of options. so, while i've really enjoyed getting to know so many of you i will have to hang my hat. thanks for the support and kindness you have shown. if you are needing some guidance on where to look for similar things, the first place i would look is just type in 'hand stamped jewelry', or 'soldered jewelry'. there will be enough there to keep you busy for hours. as far as the initial necklaces there is a site called that has been doing them. check it out HERE and good luck. thanks again. now go spend some good quality time with your families!!


Jill B. said...

yes, I was one who was waiting for you to come back;) It was probably a hard decision for you to make. We have to do what is best for ourselves, so I respect you. My daughter loves her intitial necklace you made and recieves so many compliments on it. Her school teacher has the same initial and wants one too. I will check out the site you recommended. I was hoping to get that red Nei necklace you made. I know it was your original. Any idea where I would find something like that? Thanks again for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

Check out this site.