Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hand Stamped disk ideas (sterling, brass, copper)

Here are just a small sampling of some things I've done to give you an idea. Click on the images to make them larger. Make sure to email me if you have any questions! Also, I love to get your ideas...I'm up to try anything!! If your not aware of the sizes click HERE.
three mini disks with dangling pearl charm.
left: large disc with monogram
middle: medium and mini disc
right: medium disc
all have purple/gray pearl charm
close up of different necklace with three mini discs.
medium disc with kitten charm
large disk
large and small disks
small disc
large disclarge copper disc on copper link chain.large brass disk on gold chain.
boy silhouette, small disc, and pearl charm.
large disc, mini disc, and pearl charm.
large disc
extra large disc.
medium rectangle.
large and mini discs.

large and mini with pearl.large oval discs with pearl charm.another view of above necklace.
large and medium disc.
large 1 1/4" washer disc with dangling charm and crystal.
same as above but with lower case stamps
medium disc domed with pink crystal dangle.large disc with lower case lettering and two accent beads.
medium and mini discs.
6 different super mini tag discs. these are tiny...and i love them.small rectangle tags
oh...and i turned this large disc into a key chain.

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Sally said...

Holy cow! I had no idea you did all of this. You've got some really cool stuff.